About a year ago, during a Networking Event, we were approached by a

colleague who had some constructive insights to share.

In short, he was clueless as to what we do and to our surprise, so were many others we had been meeting with on a weekly basis.

Simply put, our message was not clear.

We thought we were telling our story; explaining our services during each interaction. The hard truth was like taking the ice plunge. We needed to tell our story and why we do what we do. Simply put, we needed to get to the HEART of our PURPOSE and tell that story.


So, we went to work.

Little did we know our lives were about to change.

With honest soul searching, the pages started to turn as we revealed truths in our journey. Our story was coming full circle, making sense of the months and yes, years of asking,

“How did we Get Here”?

Our hearts were beating again.

Thanks to Roly Rodrigues and the Team at Pink Collective, DeNunzio Interior Design was Born.

Okay, so call us late bloomers.


DeNunzio Interior Design, formally Details and Design, began over 27 year ago in Western Michigan. when Mary followed her passion and started her own Interior Design Firm. With $250, enough to buy business cards, Details and Design by Mary Kaye was born. The blessings were abundant and came swiftly. With abundant gratitude, a lot of sweat equity and the love and support of family and friends, D&D grew from a tiny home office into West Michigan’s Premiere Design Studio.



Meanwhile, Karen was also going through a transition and took a leap of faith and by listening to her heart. In 2003 she transitioned from corporate America and began an accessory design business eventually transitioning to fashion design. Her signature line was designed and manufactured from her studio in the now trendy Wynwood, FL location.


In 2010, Mary decided to relocate south. The Michigan Winters were getting old, her children had completed College and she was ready to make the transition south to be closer to her elderly parents and her family.


It didn’t come overnight, and truth be told, without a lot of hesitation because of their strong sisterly bond, Mary invited Karen to join forces.

We soon became the Sister Act.


The culture, the vibe, the audience, the entire work environment was a difficult transition for Mary. She was reluctant to change, however knew in her heart that a refocus and rebranding was imperative with the new South Florida environment and everchanging landscape.


Working as sisters, isn’t always perfect, but we strive to make it a fun, creative, inspiring process. We pamper our clients, we listen to them, and build relationships that lasts.


For Mary, she saw a disparity between the experiences she encountered in the design industry and the possibility of what could exist.


For Karen, it was the blending of all her experiences from both her careers and adding them to the abundance of experiences that Mary brought.


Our “WHY” is broken down into three little words:


We hit the road running, adjusting to the ever-changing industry, the ever-changing culture, and finding a niche that would separate us from the thousands of other designers.

Simply put, it was stressful, and we were getting burned out. There had to be a different way.


We met our challenges face to face and took the plunge.

An important aspect of my “WHY” was to find outlets in which our skill set could further nurture our Creativity


We believe the spaces we create have a real effect on the lives of our clients. Spaces have the ability to inspire, to heal, to encouraging, and to bring peace. Those are the experiences we forester and create.


We invite you to dig deeper, take the plunge and ask yourself “WHY”.

Share your story with us and discover new possibilities through the art of design.