As you young girls growing up in New York we did not need a weather man to tell us the cold winter days would soon be over, we had our Mom to tell us! You see, each spring with the first sprout of tulips Mom went into her typical Rite of Passage…..changing the slip covers! Off came the dark forest green covers and out came the soft green and yellow gingham plaid ones instantly transforming the room from a cozy warm cave to a vibrant room brimming with a palette of sunshine.

She didn’t stop there; the windows once clad in hefty draperies were now graced with soft organdy sheers. A colorful accent pillow and fresh-cut fragrant flowers and “voila” Spring was here!

Although we still love the idea of slip covers, creating a fresh new space is so easy to achieve without them. Here are Five Easy Ways to accomplish this

  1. Pick a color scheme that you want to follow. Keep it soft and fresh, think hints of color.                                                               
  2. Add accents in these colors with toss pillows, throws and candles. 
  3. Bring the outside in with fresh flowers and herbal plants
  4. If you’re fortunate to have storage space change out the area rug with a fun colorful one or even a natural weave.   
  5. If you’re adventuresome, add a splash of color to an accent wall. Paint is the most economical way to give a room an update. Just remember to keep the old paint on hand for when the autumn leaves begin to fall! 

    We believe in giving credit where credit is due. Some images are from some of our favorite vendors: Pottery Barn – CB2 – Serena & Lily